Motorised Dish installation

I installed my own 60cm fixed dish, but going motorised was too much for me. So I got hold of Kieran from 1install. Turned up yesterday, and after 45 mins of site inspection he was almost about to leave me without taking my money!!As in he said the front of my house was best place to get a signal, but I didn't want to disturb my street scene. Anyway, he managed to fit the dish on a rear chimney so you can't see the dish from the street. I can swing from 40W to 35E, so I'm chuffed.

Having dealt with cowboys in the past, I have nothing but posituve things to say about 1install. He talked to me alot about the arc a motorised dish has to swing through. Am I totally satisfied and pleased with his install, and are these honest comments? Yes.

First tradesmen ever to enter my house, who when drilling house through my external walls, taped newspaper to the skirting boards to catch the brick dust. Well impressed with little things like tha